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What We Do

There is no substitute for spending time with people.

Brand Activations and Promotions

Brand activations are campaigns, events or experiences which allow customers to directly interact with your product or service. Our brand activations build the foundation for brand loyalty. We ensure that your brand, established or brand new, will not only find its way to your desired customers but will positively influence your customer relations. We will design the communication according to your specifications and goals and get your brand message across through our unique techniques. Whether your aim is to increase brand awareness or to gain customers through face-to-face methods, we have got you covered.

Promotions create awareness for your brand, product or service. Promotions ensure that your brand awareness and sales increase; creating a basis for relationships that will encourage repeat purchases and loyalty towards your organisation. We introduce your product, or service in a memorable way, informing your desired audience of your business and exciting them to support you. We aim to create enthusiasm about your product or service resulting in support and buying action. Ultimately, we aim to grow your brand.

Brand Activations and Promotions are led by our team of trained experts, the Direct Team. Our Direct Team will learn all there is to know about your organisation, products or services in order to align our approach with your brand goals.  Each Direct Team member undergo intensive SWAT training and is fully equipped to effectively promote your product, service or to activate your brand.

You will never always be motivated. So you must learn to be disciplined.

Direct Sales

In direct sales we sell your product or service directly to your customers. This face-to-face marketing strategy results in real-time feedback and an immediate increase in sales. We identify target audience hotspot areas to sell your products or services. Our Direct Team is trained and primed to communicate your brand message and to attract your desired audience. Direct sales result in a database of qualified leads and produces data for comprehensive reports.

We provide you with a database of names and leads which can be used to follow up with your newly acquired customers. Comprehensive reports are drawn up, which communicates your exact numbers and results for your campaign.